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Our Services

With over 26 years of experience,
you can trust that Fire Safety First
will provide knowledgable service.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Annual inspections and a 6-year maintenance are necessary to ensure fire extinguishers remain in working condition. On-site inspections are available to schedule for: commercial, industrial, agricultural, schools, hospitals, retail, apartments. 

Fire Extinguisher Recharging

If a fire extinguisher has lost it's charge or has been used, Fire Safety First can recharge and service it. 

First Aid Kit Supplies

First Aid Kit supplies can be stocked by Fire Safety First, including safety glasses and ear plugs.


Some of the supplies available for purchase include: bandages, gauze, antiseptics, eye drops, cough drops, burn cream and spray. 

Low-Pressure Hydro Testing

Fire Safety First can do low-pressure hydro testing on dry chemical fire extinguisher cylinders. The testing process should be completed every 12 years. 

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